Lenten Devotion for the second week in Lent

As we are in the midst of a natural calamity and oppressive weather patterns, we are tempted to see the world around us as harsh and unforgiving. Creation is a place of nurture and good. Even as crazy things happen,we embrace the work of recovery. The sun still rises and the flocks return home and we help nurture be found in the place where we are. Here is a prayer for today:


Blessed are you, O God of justice

Blessed are you, O God of beauty

Blessed are you, O God of gentleness

Blessed are you, O God of wild unbridled winds.

We find you in all things.

We find you in every creature.

We find in the depths of our ever-living souls.

Praise be to you.

John Philip Newell, Celtic Treasure: Daily Scriptures and Prayer