Lenten Devotion for the 4th week in Lent.

 God is love and love is expressed best between immediate encounters of real relationships in community. Conceptually, we know God has the whole world in God’s hands. We work out the reality in our own little corner of the world. This week, on the choir tour, when the choir sang “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands," the residents of one of the  1st place we sang, started singing along. They were older people in various states of abilities, all singing with the choir. The children looked a little shocked.  (“We are singing to you, not you with us! How do you know this song?! “) The next stop on the tour, the same thing happened. Then they were ready for the sing along at the final show.

The need to sing together, across age and abilities, to be together, across all things that separate us, and to share more God is what God needs us to do.  We don’t get to keep extra helpings of God squirreled away in the back to share with people who think like me.  Be more surprised about how to find harmony!